Cryptocurrency Music Platforms

bleepcoin recently posted an interesting article on steemit discussing cryptocurrency music platforms. First, a big thank-you to bleepcoin for mentioning muchmarket.   “So far we have seen a few cryptocurrency music and video platforms emerge such as Liberty Music Store, Dtune, Muchmarket and Popchest which allow users to sell content for micropayments in bitcoin or dogecoin. […]

It is Shibe Saturday and dogecoins want to be spent!

Dear all, This is Steph, the co-founder of muchmarket, the dogecoin marketplace to buy and sell digital and physical goods, and dogerr, the dogecoin freelancer and microjobs platform. Thanks to the initiative of /u/GoodShibe, Shibe Saturday has been successfully running for months now. The purpose is to increase the use of dogecoin as a medium of […]

Crowdfunding the DogeTank

Wakaliwood and Ramon Film Productions have teamed up with muchmarket to crowdfund a tank for their newest Ugandan action movie. The goal if this campaign is to crowdfund a real tank which, will be labelled DogeTank, for their newest action movie. The goal is to raise USD 500 or   DOGE 3,500,000  If we, the dogecoin […]

Shibe Saturday Incentive: Earn D 1,000 by spending dogecoin

This saturday is the first Shibe Saturday. The idea is pretty simple: Stop hoarding your dogecoins and start using them! *(You are not going to live the $750,000 Pizza nightmare anyway!)8 To get the dogeconomy running, we will celebrate Shibe Saturday where every shibe (except of course very poor shibe) should aim at spending dogecoin worth […]

Support the “Dogecoins 1st birthday! – Thunderclap”

A great member of the dogecoin community, dimifw, has organized a thunderclap to celebrate Dogecoins 1st birthday. DogeCoin is the easiest to use CryptoCurrency (Digital Currency). It is secure due to the huge distributed network of open source software. The static 1 Doge ($0.000365 at the time of this post) transaction fee sweeps PayPal’s 2-20% fee (depending on […]