About the Product




Recently, we hired a voice over artist, Andrew, on fiverr  for a promo video for our new website.

It turns out that Andrew’s son Keaton is on the Autism spectrum and Andrew works full time on fiverr to be at home with his son.

Fiverr is an amazing place for buyers, but a tough place for sellers. They offer their gigs for USD 5 and fiverr takes a 20% cut. Hence, you have to work a lot to make a living working on fiverr.

Now, Keaton’s birthday is coming up and they have planned to go to Disneyland, which is a pretty special place for Andrew and Keaton.

That’s why Andrew has set up a little Disneyland fund for his son to make their trip to Disneyland even more special.

You can already tip Andrew through the fiverr page, but again, fiverr would take a 20 % cut off that.

We do not like people taking cuts out of Keaton’s Disneyland fund, so we thought that we set up our own Keaton’s Disneyland fund here on muchmarket, because they do NOT take any cuts.

Just leave a tip and the friendly people from muchmarket will send it over to Andrew and Keaton, so they can enjoy their day in Disneyland even more.


You can either donate a dogecoin amount of your choice using the donation option above or tip some $ on Andrew’s fiverr page.