Buying things on


1. Browse stores and add products to your cart.

2. Check out and pay at

       (First time users will be asked to register at this stage.)

3. Wait for confirmation email.

       (Please be patient, doge payments need to be confirmed by coinpayments first.)

4. Download files.

5. Leave a review and tell your friends.



Selling things on


1. Create a vendor account.

2. IMPORTANT: Enter your dogecoin wallet address in the profile page.

3. Create new product, add price and upload files.

4. Promote your product and start selling.

5. We will transfer your dogecoin earnings to you.

(We will transfer funds on a regular basis.)


  • Setting up a store is FREE!

  • There are NO COMMISSIONS charged on your sales.

  • We have a PAY a FEE-THAT-YOU-WANT (FTYW) System = If you like our service, tip us!

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